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Welcome to sokkas_crew!

Here we shall share and bask in all the Sokka love. While there are shipping comms out there with our boy making up one half of a pair, there isn't one for Sokka himself. So, if you're a true blue Sokka fan and are happy to read, see, or watch anything that stars our favorite warrior, this is the place for you.

Join us, won't you?

The Rules
*The most important rule: You must be a Sokka fan to join.

*All Sokka/Whomever shippers are welcome, but please respect other members' shipping choices. Discussion is fine, but keep it clean. Otherwise, take it outside.

*We're not puritans about language, but please refrain from turning the air blue on your top posts. However, whatever happens within the threads stays in the threads.

*Pimp anything you like Sokka-related. In fact, we'd love it if you did! One caveat: if our boy isn't mentioned at all in your pimped work, the post will be removed.

*LJ-Cuts please. Sokka and his crew love them.

*When posting fanfiction, please use the proper headings (title, author, word count, etc.) and fiction rating. Don't forget to hide it behind a cut. For the kids.

*Spoilers are all well and good, but please add a warning and hide them behind a cut.

*At some point, please make an intro post so we can all get to know you and squee about all the things you love. ^_^ The intro post form can be found here, but please post it outside of the initial post so we don't lose you in the fray.

The Captains:AffiliatesPimpage
sokka_toph - For all you Blind Bandit & Boomerang Guy fans out there.
sokka_x_azula - Hey, maybe he can make her turn good.
7_chakras - A challenge comm based on Guru Pathik's chakras.
tokka100 - For the BB & BG fans who like to write.
avatar_recfest - Lots and lots of fics!
dear_avatar - Write letters to the Avatar characters...maybe they will answer.

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Questions? Comments? Want to affiliate? Please email us at sokkas.crew@gmail.com or leave a message.