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flyawayohglory [userpic]
Apologies and Moderated Posting for New Entries
by flyawayohglory (flyawayohglory)
at August 31st, 2012 (10:42 pm)

Feeling:: frustrated

As I'm sure a few of you members found out, our community had been subject to spam (of some of the worst sort) recently. I'm sure you're friends pages were bombarded with images and junk advertisements over the last few weeks.

For that, I personally am sorry.

In my defense, I thought I had set the notification setting to let me know when a new unmoderated post from non-members showed up on this account, but I received no notice in my email, till today. I have since then gone and deleted the inappropriate journal posts and reported them as either spam or violations of LJ terms of use. I have gone in and changed the community settings, and also beefed up the security here as well, in an attempt to stop any more of these problems.

So, for right now, as this is the only way I can see to stop unwanted posts:

till I am able to conference with the other maintainers of this community. (Due to the frequency of the more recent spam posts here, I'm having to act fast and proactively to stop this.)

-For any new posts to meet moderation requirements, they must be on topic/relevant to Avatar The Last Airbender(The Legend of Aang) or Avatar The Legend of Korra. Also refer to "The Rules" listed on The Manifest (User Info) page.

-Posts not related in some way to Sokka do not qualify as appropriate to this community. (Role Playing Communities recommendations that are Avatar related are fine.)

-No prior entries to today will be affected/deleted even if they don't meet the moderation requirements, but they will be in effect from now on.

-There will be no moderation regarding comments to entries, unless they become bombarded by spam as well. (Avatar willing, that doesn't happen!)

-These rules are subject to change, which you all will be notified at that time.

I will be honest, I've taken a step back from A:TLA and Livejournal for a while now, so I haven't paid much attention to this group. However, I was under the impression that we had some security to stop spam posts already in place, or I would not have been so complacent. I hope the new security measures will work, and the notification emails will be sent to me to let me know of new entries.

Of course, I welcome any members to express their concerns, comments, other suggestions on how to resolve this issue, (verbal floggings of myself and the other maintainers),etc.

I would really hope that aj_rayne, fichan, and romantias would contact me either through commenting here, or my old email, or the sokkas crew email. I really didn't want to make this decision on my own.